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Mission Statement of St. David’s Singers

The St. David’s Singers are committed to promotion of Welsh culture.  They sing Welsh hymns and other sacred and secular songs from the Welsh tradition, both in the Welsh language and in English. 


Datganiad Genhadaeth y Cantorion Dewi Sant

Mae’r Cantorion Dewi Sant yn gôr bach gan gynnwys o ryw ddeunaw o gantorion, sy’n gyflwynedig  i’r hysbysrwydd y diwylliant Cymreig.  Ganent emynau a cherddi bydol arall o’r traddodiad Cymreig, yn Gymraeg ac yn Saesneg fel ei gilydd.


The St. David Singers are always looking for new members to join the choir!

The choir perform at many of the Welsh Society events throughout the year and at Folklorama at the British Isles Pavilion.

For more information please contact:

Geoffrey Owen  204-229-9281 or



A limited number of copies of our CD ‘A Taste of Wales are still available


St David’s Singers of Winnipeg at Broadway First Baptist Church in 2004


Bill Owen retired after 17 years as Music Director following our St David’s Day concert on February 25th, 2012.

The following appreciation has been written by Viv Rees,

President of the St David’s Society of Winnipeg.

It was some 17 years ago that someone had a vision, an idea, a thought, that a mixed Welsh Choir as part of the St. David’s Society of Winnipeg would be a special addition to both the Society and the cultural scene in Winnipeg. Now, in February 2012, Mr. Bill Owen has retired from his position as Choir Director and Accompanist of what is now known as The St. David’s Singers. Indeed, it was Bill who had that vision so many years ago and over that time has cajoled, persuaded, encouraged and moulded a mix of people, of whom only a few spoke Welsh, into a cohesive group of singers who have mastered the Welsh pronunciation and produced sounds which have at times been described as ethereal.

At the St. David’s Day dinner on February 25th., Bill’s services to the Choir and to the Society were acknowledged by some generous and meaningful words and he was presented with a glass memento etched with Daffodils and the words, “ Diolch Yn Fawr ” – thanks very much, in Welsh. This was followed by a worthy and well earned standing ovation.

Bill’s forbears were of Welsh origin and his contribution to the performance of Welsh music in Winnipeg has reflected the love of the language, culture and heritage which flows through his veins. 

Through the medium of this website, we pay a tribute to Bill Owen and extend our gratitude for his commitment to the St. David’s Singers.

 VHR March 3, 2012.


Bill Owen passed away on January 2nd, 2017

His funeral service was held at St George’s on January 7th.

The St David’s Singers participated with a special tribute to Bill.


Dr John Tanner accepted appointment as Music Director

effective March 2012, continuing until January 2019.


St David’s Day Concert on March 2nd, 2013

at St George’s Anglican Church, Crescentwood

New repertoire included :

Tra bo Dau  (When Two Believe)

English words by Rhian Davies

arrangement by Jayne Davies

written for and dedicated to our choir

Heulwen Jones : Soloist


The Perfect Land

Poetry by Thomas Elwyn Jones

Music by Keith Davies Jones

for St David’s Singers  (2012)

First Performance 

Accompanist : Deena Grier


St David’s Day Dinner & Concert

February 27th 2016

What is This Wales?

Poetry by Thomas Elwyn Jones

Music by Keith Davies Jones

First Performance

Accompanist : Carla Plosz


St David’s Day Dinner and Concert

February 25th 2017

Seeing a Welsh Horizon

Text by Viv Rees

Music by Keith Davies Jones

First Performance

Accompanist : Carla Plosz


Folklorama 2017

St David’s Singers at UK Pavilion

August 8th


Folklorama 2018

UK Pavilion

August 14th & 16th


In January 2019 Dr. Keith Davies Jones accepted the position of musical director of the St. David Singers

Keith Davies Jones
<span style="><span style=" hoefler=" "="">In March 2023 Dr. Keith Davies Jones was joined by Geoffrey Owen as co-musical directors of the St. David's Singers